Study Rooms

Reserve a Johnson Center Study Room

The Johnson Center study rooms are engaging spaces on campus that support the varying academic and co-curricular needs of the Mason community.

Reserve a study room to complete group assignments, take a virtual class, hang out with friends, hold student organization leadership meetings, and more!

Each room is equipped with a television with streaming capabilities. HDMI cords are not provided. Multiple furnishing layouts are available for optimum service.

Need Assistance?

For questions or concerns regarding this room, contact Student Centers at (703) 993-2921, open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5pm.

For after-hours and weekend assistance, contact us at (703) 993-8919.

Study Rooms – Guidelines

  • Study rooms may only be reserved by George Mason University students, faculty, or staff. A valid Mason NetID is required to reserve a study room.
  • Study rooms may be reserved once a day up to 4 hours per day.
  • Study rooms may be reserved up to 14 days in advance.
  • Study room privacy is not guaranteed.
  • University staff reserve the right to enter any group study room at any time without prior permission of the occupants.
  • Any obstruction of windows is prohibited.
  • Occupants may not post signs inside or outside the rooms (i.e. ‘Occupied’, ‘Do Not Disturb’, ‘Keep Out’, etc.).
  • Occupants must conform to the University’s policies for personal conduct as stipulated in the current University Catalog.
  • Study Rooms are not to be used as event spaces.
  • Smoking, cooking, partying, painting, loud music, club meetings, and/or any other activities disruptive to others are prohibited.
  • Noise levels from any conversations and/or equipment must not disturb others.
  • Neither Student Centers nor the University is responsible for unattended, lost, stolen, or damaged personal items.
  • Unattended personal property left in an unoccupied study room will be removed by Student Centers staff and taken to the Johnson Center’s lost & found (located at the First Floor Information Desk). Some items may be delivered to University Lost and Found if they are estimated to be of high value such as wallets or jewelry. Once an item has been turned over to Lost and Found, the owner should contact them directly at 703-993-2975 or
  • Occupants are prohibited from using any equipment that may cause a safety hazard (e.g. extended electrical cords, cables, cooking appliances, etc.).
  • Furniture cannot be moved into or out of a study room.
  • Student Centers mission is to enhance academic and co-curricular experiences and promote student success by offering programs, services, and facilities that are the heart of the campus community and the center of campus life. Failure to comply with Student Centers’ Study Room Guidelines may result in being asked by staff to leave the room and/or the Johnson Center. Disputes regarding room use and occupancy or refusal to follow staff directives regarding these policies may be referred to Student Conduct or George Mason University Police.