Donation Box


Donation Box Space Allocations are designated spaces for Mason organizations and departments to collect donation items within the Student Centers buildings. These spaces are in high-volume areas and are great places to promote your cause!


Donation box space allocations are only reservable by Mason Departments and Registered Student Organizations (RSOs).

Mason Departments and Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) must provide their own boxes.

A copy of the approve Donation Box Space Allocation Request must be attached to each locations box.


If you are having trouble locating the appropriate space contact Student Centers at (703) 993-2921.


Johnson CenterAtrium Wall West Side
Johnson CenterAtrium Wall East Side
Johnson Center2nd Floor Northeast Lounge
Johnson Center2nd Floor Northwest Lounge
Student Union Building IPatriot's Lounge
Student Union Building IFood Court
The HubMid-Level


You may request space allocations using the Donation Box Space Allocation Form.

Student Centers staff reserves the right to remove temporarily or terminate the allocation of any space in the Johnson Center, SUB I, or the Hub.

Reasons for removal can include but are not limited to: damage, misuse, and/or not using the space allocated.

Student Centers reserves the right to remove any display or publication that is found to be in conflict with the mission of the University.

Space allocations that are not vacated within one day of the “end date” indicated on the Donation Box Space Allocation Form may be discarded.

Donation Box Space Allocation Forms must be submitted via the online form or brought to the Student centers office (Johnson Center 324) to be approved at least 3 business days before the start date.