Registered Student Organizations and Mason Departments may reserve outdoor freestanding display zones located outside the Johnson Center, Student Union Building I (SUB I), and The Hub to promote their organization and services to the Mason Community.

For Assistance: 



Johnson Center Room 324



Outdoor freestanding displays are only reservable by Mason Departments and Registered Student Organizations (RSOs).

Mason Departments and Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are limited to one display per location with a maximum total of five outdoor freestanding display locations for no longer than 14 consecutive days.

Longer periods for posting must be approved by the Director of Student Centers or their designee.

Outdoor freestanding displays include but are not limited to: outdoor poster stands, sandwich boards, easels, staked advertising flags, and staked lawn signs.

All displays must include at least one of the following types of contact information: phone number, email, or website link (QR code or address) that provides information about the University Client.

Only one outdoor freestanding display can be placed in each designated location.

Organizations are responsible for removing signs within one business day following the end of the reservation. Abandoned signs may be discarded.


Johnson Center


The Hub


⬥ Multiple no shows in a semester could lead to a loss of outdoor freestanding display privileges for the current and following semester.

Student Centers cannot be held responsible for damages, lost, or stolen materials while posted on reserved displays or for materials not retrieved by organizations at their reservation end date/time.

Organizations should submit a completed reservation request on 25live at least 2 business days before the first desired reservation date.

Individual displays must fit entirely within a 3’x3’ area.

Display locations zones encompass designated mulched areas only and exclude all grass, tree rings, sidewalks, and other paths/surfaces. Caution must be taken when placing and removing displays so as not to damage landscaping.

Outdoor freestanding displays MUST be placed in the designated locations (see maps above) and may not be moved.

Content on outdoor freestanding displays must comply with all Mason, Virginia, and local policies and laws.

Products and services may not conflict or compete with the University’s exclusive contracts which include but are not limited to:

  Barnes and Noble

  Sodexo Food Services

  Coke Vending Company

  Canteen Vending Company

  Independent Food Contractors: included but not limited to Manhattan Pizza, Panera Bread, Panda Express, and Chipotle


  Wells Fargo

Content on outdoor freestanding displays cannot include alcohol prices, promotion of drinking, pornography, discrimination, or potential dangers.