Make a Donation to Mason Student Centers

The Student Centers Fund is currently used to support strategic career readiness and development initiatives within University Student Centers and partner offices. All gifts directly impact the lives of current student and non-student wage employees and enhance their academic, co-curricular, and professional interests.

Students Centers employs over 100 student and non-student wage employees for our central office, event services, corner pocket game room, marketing and communications, and building services units. Their roles range from customer service to technical skills to graphics and social media engagement. Our students are instrumental to the success of the operations and support of events and programs that take place every day within our facilities. We want to be able to provide them with a holistic experience as they prepare for their future.

As part of our efforts to help our students be fully prepared for their careers post-college, getting involved early in their professions and networking can have a positive impact. One way to gain immediate access is to join a professional association.

With the cost of education and living while in school can be burdensome to most students, we hope that the cost for a student to join a national association, which ranges from $25 to $150, could be alleviated by your generous support.

What are the benefits of a national association membership? The benefits range based on the type of industry the organization represents. A professional association membership allows for a student receiving classroom knowledge to apply their knowledge outside the classroom and network with peers and professionals in a way that bridges theory to practice.

Your support to the Student Centers Fund will help jumpstart a student’s involvement in their profession through membership of their choosing to take what they learn in the classroom and get involved in an association and apply those critically learned theories into practice.