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Get the word out through Student Centers on-campus promotions. It’s free to most campus groups and individuals. Click the image to learn more.

Mail & Go

The New Mail & Go lets you mail packages and letters on your way to class. Buy postage right on the spot.

For more information on getting and sending mail, click on the image.

Welcome, New Patriots

Say hello to the incoming class of 2018. And help them find their way around. Remember when you were lost and someone asked if they could help?

Student Employees Practice The Fish Philosophy

Student Employees, working in Student Centers, learn a lot about study-work balance, discipline, serving constituents and keeping things moving. We adhere to the Fish Philosophy as we practice good customer service. Learn more about working for Student Centers my clicking the image.


What’s open on campus? The Bistro and Southside are closed for the summer but there are still lots of places to eat. Click on the image to learn more.


Student Union Building 1 is home to many student groups, several university offices, restaurants, and the comfy Patriot Lounge.


Do you need a kiosk to promote your group? Click on the image to learn more and reserve your kiosk today.

The Student Centers

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