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Spring Break

Spring Break is Monday, March 9 through Sunday, March 15. Have a warm and safe holiday, Mason!

Loan Us Your Banner

The JC is a popular place to promote campus organizations of all kinds through banners. Schedule through Student Centers.

For extra promotion, loan your banner to Student Centers. We’ll display it for free as space becomes available. Click the image for more information.

Advertise with Student Centers

Easels. Kiosks. Banners. Leaflets. Mason Ads. Flyers. Table Tents. Lots of ways to get the word out about your meeting, group or activity.


Click on the image to learn more.


Do you need a kiosk to promote your group or event? Click on the image to learn more and reserve your kiosk today.

Mail & Go

The New Mail & Go lets you mail packages and letters on your way to class. Buy postage right on the spot.

For more information on getting and sending mail, click on the image.

Let’s Meet In The Hub

The three-story Hub offers comfy seating for study groups to meet. Grab a table and let’s get together.


Click the image for more about The Hub.

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