The Elkay Water Refilling Station

Save That Bottle For LaterĀ 

Water refill fountains were installed throughout all campuses in 2012-2013. Funded by The Auxiliary Enterprise Management Council (AEMC), these special fountains make it easy water to refill your reusable beverage containers.

Image of the water recycling symbolDan Waxman, Sustainability Manager for Auxiliary Enterprises, said, “Greener practices work best when they are embedded into our everyday habits. Instead of a new bottle every time you need a drink, just save and refill the one you would normally toss.”

Said Waxman, “We’ve saved the equivalent of 500,000 bottles at this point in the past year.”

Refill fountains are conveniently located at:

Arlington Campus

Founders Hall-1 unit (Entry level)

Fairfax Campus

Johnson Center – 2 units, 1st floor East side AND 3rd floor West Side

SUB 1 – 1 unit, mid-level

The Hub – 1 unit, upper Level near ballroom

RAC – 1 unit, lower level near weight room

Aquatic Center – 1 unit, lower level near group exercise room

Skyline – 1 upper level near weight room

Field House – 1 unit, near entrance & front desk

Mason HallĀ  – 1 unit, 2nd floor

Prince William Campus

Bull Run – 1 unit, entry level

Freedom Center- 4 units

Hallway (next to the ladies restroom on the first floor)

Weight room (second floor)

Cardio room (just outside of / second floor)

Smart lab (just outside of / second floor)

Of the water filling stations in the Student Centers, the located ________________ is the most popular, with an average of ___ fills per month.