Student Centers New Work Order Routing Process

To all Student Centers Department Managers, Sodexo Managers and Supervisors, Facilities:

Effective December 1, 2014, Student Centers will be making alterations to our current work order process. The intent of the changes is to streamline the process of performing work order repairs in order to better serve our tenants.

If Student Centers tenants have a facilities concern, please complete the Student Centers Work Order Request Form to have it addressed. Going forward, we ask that Student Centers tenant representatives no longer send requests or make phone calls directly to Facilities unless they are true emergencies (which are covered below). This will enable our department to become more efficient in serving your needs through the development of a Routine versus Emergency work order routing system.

For routine general maintenance needs, Student Centers tenants will have direct connection via the Student Centers Work Order Request Form.  Once this form is submitted, it will go directly to your Student Centers Facilities Manager.  The Facilities Manager will then generate and route all work order requests.  The following explains the process in detail:

General Maintenance Requests

  1. All emergency designated work order issues (plumbing leaks, backed up drains, electric power loss, etc.) will be sent directly through Facilities Customer Service by our Student Centers Facilities Manager, after receiving the call or completed request form from your departments.  After hours and weekend issues will still be routed through the facilities after hours on call staff.
  2. Any non-emergency issues should be addressed through the Student Centers Request form or by calling Facilities Manager Keith Epps, for the Johnson Center, Sub I, and The Hub. Keith can be reached at, cell phone is 571-533-6704, office 703-993-2857.
  3. Following contact from you, the building managers will generate a work order and it will be assigned to the appropriate maintenance department right away. The requester of repairs (you) will be entered as the contact person on the work order, and an email notification will automatically be sent to them, for tracking purposes.
  4. If parts or materials are needed, this will be noted on the work order, so that progress can be tracked by the tenant, once they are provided a work order number.
  5. The Student Centers Facilities Manager will determine what items are to be handled by Student Centers staff and what items will be forwarded to Facilities for repair.

Primary work hours for the building managers are from 6:00am-2:30pm M-F, and they are available to receive calls as soon as 6:00 am.  If for some reason you can’t contact them, call Student Centers main office line at 703-993-2921 and report your concern to the office staff.  If a need arises after 3:00PM, and is not an emergency, then communicate the issue via the Student Centers Online request Form and the next day it will be generated into a work order and assigned.  Please include all information necessary to complete the work order.

I have also developed a basic work order script for the Department representatives and our office support staff to follow, if tenants directly call the Student Centers office so that critical details can be noted.

I am asking for your assistance with this to better ensure a smooth transition to the new process.  Please contact me at your earliest convenience with any concerns or questions.

Thank you for your assistance with this new process.
Student Centers Front Desk 703-993-2921