Student Employment

We promote our student jobs through, by using kiosks, and through events like new student orientation.

We promote our student jobs through, by using kiosks, and through events like new student orientation.

The Student Centers buildings are environments within the university where the Mason community comes to relax, engage, refuel, contemplate, and rejuvenate. The offices housed within our buildings serve our purpose to build and enrich environments for the Mason Community.

Students can become a part of this process by pursuing student employment with us! We are looking for a team of dynamic students to develop, support, and enhance these environments through a variety of different staff positions.

Have you received great service from a member of the Student Center’s team? Please take the time to nominate that staff member for recognition.

Why Is Student Centers A Great Place to Work?

As a department, we encourage…

  • Bringing together a multitude of people and ideas
  • Questioning current thinking and trying new ideas
  • Putting ideas into action
  • Presenting an open and welcoming community

Benefits of working for the Student Centers include the opportunity to…

  • Shape the quality of student life on campus
  • Develop important skills and knowledge that can be applied to future job positions
  • Engage in personal and professional training
  • Network with faculty, staff, students, and visitors from different backgrounds and cultures
  • Have flexible scheduling to support academic responsibilities
  • Earn income to fund your educational goals and college experience
  • Play games at the Corner Pocket for free!

Requirements & Qualifications

Students who wish to become a member of the Student Centers Team should have…

  • A positive attitude and innovative spirit
  • A desire to give back to the Mason Community and leave the university better than you found it
  • An interest in learning and growing from the experience personally and professionally
  • A strong work ethic
  • An ability to learn new tasks and concepts quickly
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing (cumulative GPA requirement of 2.0) with the University
  • At least two semesters of work eligibility (preferred but not required)

To Apply

Students interested in applying for a position with Student Centers should submit a resume and cover letter and be prepared to participate in a professional interview. Students can pursue employment in the following ways:

  • HireMason: All current job openings for Student Centers student employment are listed in the HireMason database. Students can use HireMason to submit their resume and cover letter. Please contact Career Services at (703) 993-2370 if you need assistance using HireMason.

Student Employment Positions


Student Centers hires dozens of students annually to perform various tasks in and around our facilities. We focus on delivering superior customer service to our customers (student groups, staff and faculty, external companies and vendors, etc.).

Some positions are highly technical and require experience while others require only a willingness to excel and take leadership responsibility. All offer on-the-job training of skills that build good workplace experience.

Please see below descriptions of our different student employment positions. These positions are given for informational purposes only and may or may not be available at the time of viewing. Students should check HireMason to see what positions are currently open.

Office Assistant

An office assistant is ready to assist customers at the front desk.

An office assistant is ready to assist customers at the front desk.

Location: Johnson Center, suite 324
Schedule: Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Hours: 8 – 20 hours per week

Office Assistants help with the daily operation of the administrative office and provide excellent customer service by…

  • Communicating and enforcing Student Centers policies
  • Processing advertising requests (such as banners, kiosks, and easels)
  • Selling lockers and managing the locker rental program
  • Answering clients’ questions via phone, email, and in person
  • Processing and filing paperwork
  • Providing support to professional office staff
  • Performing other duties and projects as assigned.
  • Event Services Event Technician

    An Event Technician putting a speaker in place for an event.

    An Event Technician putting a speaker in place for an event.

    Event Technicians assist the University community in the organization and operation of events by preparing and operating all sound, lighting and video equipment during events. Responsibilities include set up and operation of AV systems as well as other equipment.

    Fairfax Campus
    Location: Johnson Center room G10; various event venues on Fairfax campus
    Schedule: Varies based on event reservations, but event technicians primarily work nights and weekends.
    Hours: 12 – 20 hours per week

    SciTech Campus
    Location: Occoquan building; various event venues on SciTech campus
    Schedule: Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm plus evening and weekend events
    Hours: 15 hours per week

    Event Services Services Concierge

    Friendly services concierges ready to assist clients during events

    Friendly services concierges ready to assist clients during events

    Location: Johnson Center room G45; various event venues
    Schedule: Monday – Friday 7am – 2am (7am – 12am during summer and holidays);
    Hours: 8 – 12 hours per week

    Services Concierge are responsible for…

    • Monitoring Student Centers building operations
    • Setting up and breaking down event spaces
    • Troubleshooting technology issues
    • Providing safe and secure environments, including the surrounding exterior perimeter of facilities.
    • Working well in a fast-paced environment
    • Exhibiting the can-do attitude required for customer-oriented events management.

    Recreation Assistant

    The Corner Pocket recreation assistant team help maintain the Corner Pocket

    The Corner Pocket recreation assistant team helps maintain the Corner Pocket

    Location: Corner Pocket in The Hub
    Schedule: Sunday-Thursday 10:30am – 11:30pm
    Friday-Saturday 10:30am-1:30am
    Hours: 10-15 hours per week

    The Recreation Assistants provide impeccable customer service for the Corner Pocket by…

    • Distributing playing equipment to visitors
    • Collecting fees
    • Coordinating gaming tournaments
    • Promoting upcoming specials.
    • Providing support during Corner Pocket events

    Marketing Assistant

    A marketing assistant works on updating the Student Centers website.

    A marketing assistant works on updating the Student Centers website.

    Location: SUB I, Room 1513
    Schedule: Monday – Friday, shifts based on student schedules
    Hours: 8-15 hours per week

    Marketing Assistants support with designing, writing and generating various marketing initiatives of Student Centers such as…