Recap of February Tenant Meeting

Robinson Buildings A & B Are Coming Down

Cathy Wolfe-Pinskey, Program Director, Facilities, provided details on the demolition of Robinson Halls A & B.

On February 20, Cathy Wolfe-Pinskey, Program Director, Facilities, spoke to Student Centers building tenants about the demolition of Robinson Halls A & B. The buildings are being replaced by a larger, taller, and more advanced version. Here are some details:

The Robinson Hall Replacement Project is divided into several different phases.
Demolition of Robinson A is estimated to begin Fall 2018.

Once Robinson A is completed, construction on B and Harris Theater will begin.

Architectural view of the new Robinson building

The student apartments, off Aquia near SUB I, will close at the end of this semester and be used as a project staging area through out this Robinson construction project.

Wilkins Plaza Is Getting an Overhaul

Wilkins Plaza (formerly North Plaza) will be recast as a major pedestrian boulevard from the George Mason status down to Southside residential dining building.

This project will substantially impact walking and vehicular traffic over the next few years.
The project has an estimated completion date of Spring 2022.

For more information and to see a walk-through video, visit This Robinson website will be updated to reflect construction progress.

Gateway Library Is Moving

The Gateway Library stacks are moving from the second and third floors of JC, opening up space for new usage.

JC Exterior Doors Are Being Replaced

Johnson Center exterior doors will be replaced, starting this month.

All this activity will create quite a bit of dust and some inconvenience, but the outcome will be worth it.

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