New Restaurants, Patio Coming To JC This Fall

In addition to the more than 30 restaurants already on campus, four new brands are opening in the Johnson Center in the next few months.

Blaze Pizza, Garbanzo, and Steak ‘n Shake will open and Star Ginger will reopen in the JC Atrium (first floor) in August. Chipotle will not open until after October.

The bricks are being laid on the new west side JC patio that will open for fall semester.

Other restaurants remain open in the JC, including Panera Bread (in the Atrium), and Starbucks, Red Hot & Blue and IndAroma on the ground floor.

Auntie Anne’s will reopen on the east side of the Atrium.

The layout will offer a wider aisle in front of the restaurants to accommodate access during crowded periods. Gone are the common cash registers. Each restaurant will operate as its own storefront.

The crew is putting final touches on the new large patio that runs the length of the west side of the JC. This will allow outdoor dining and relaxing, similar to the east side patio.

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