Kiosk Locations

Kiosks can be found in indoor and outdoor locations for the Johnson Center, SUB I, Hub, and Southside buildings. Student organizations, Mason departments, and external organizations can request to reserve kiosks in any of these locations. See the maps below for more details:

Johnson Center


The Johnson Center has 8 available kiosks located in the Atrium on the first floor and one outdoor kiosk located on the East Plaza near Planetary Hall.



Two kiosks are available for SUB I. One is located in the Patriots Lounge on the 2nd floor and the other sits outside the main automatic doors on the sidewalk.



The Hub features two available kiosks: one indoor and outdoor. The indoor kiosk is located between WingZone and Side Pocket on the mid-level. The outdoor kiosk is located on the Corner Pocket patio next to the main doors.


Southside offers two kiosk locations for reservation. One kiosk is located in the lobby on the first floor, and the other is set up right outside the main door beneath the awning.

Note: The Johnson Center East Plaza outdoor kiosk location and indoor and outdoor kiosk locations for SUB I, Hub, and Southside have a 3′ x 6′ table that is set up by Student Centers Services Concierge staff at the time of the reservation. If you have a kiosk reservation in one of these locations and find that your kiosk is not set up at your reservation start time, call Services Concierge at (703) 993-8919 or the Student Centers main office at (703) 993-2921.