Mason Departments and Student Organizations

Academic Projects

External Organizations

Why Choose a Kiosk?

Kiosks are a great way for student organizations and external companies to be seen and heard on-campus. Using kiosks allows organizations to interact face-to-face with the Mason community and advertise their events and services.


Johnson Center

8 indoor kiosks located in Atrium.

1 outdoor table located outside East Entrance.


1 indoor table located in Patriot’s Lounge.

1 outdoor table located adjacent to SUB1 Quad.


1 indoor table located adjacent to the stairs in the dining hall.

1 outdoor table located outside main entrance doors.

The Hub

1 indoor table located on mid-level.

1 outdoor table located adjacent to the Corner Pocket patio.

Kiosk Policies and Guidelines


The kiosk is in a public space. As a member of the Mason Community, any representatives at the kiosk or table will treat fellow students, staff, faculty, and visitors with respect.

All activity must be conducted behind the kiosk with a maximum of two chairs.

A representative of the scheduled organization must be present at all times.


Products and services may not conflict or compete with the University’s exclusive contracts which include:

  • Barnes and Noble
  • Sodexo Food Services
  • Coke Vending Company
  • Creda Vending Company
  • Apple Federal Credit Union


Only commercially produced, pre-packaged food and/or drinks may be sold or distributed at kiosks and tables. No home baked goods.
If you are selling individual serving sizes of commercially produced or store-bought food, you MUST have a sign at your kiosk stating “This food is not provided by a George Mason University approved caterer. Consume at your own risk.” Those who do not have the appropriate signage posted will not be allowed to sell or distribute individual serving sizes.
Beverages provided in bulk serving containers are allowed if they are procured from Sodexo or an approved caterer.
External organizations, student groups and Mason departments may give away free of charge food at a kiosk by following the University potluck policy and provide visible signage that states “This food is not provided by a George Mason University approved caterer. Consume at your own risk.”
Only Approved Caterers are allowed to give away food at a kiosk with NO signage as long as the business is giving away the food, not another individual or non-approved catering provider.


One item, such as a stand-up banner, is allowed on one side of the kiosk, but not both. The item must fit within a 3’ by 3’ square area. Under no circumstance can an item block the means of egress.Nothing can be posted on walls or columns. No extra tables or objects may be set up next to or moved by the kiosk.
Only outlets directly adjacent to a kiosk may be used. No electrical cords may be run across walkways. No extension cords allowed. Power supply is only available at select kiosks. Sound may be played through an electronic device (cell phone, computer, etc.) but not played through any type of amplified device (speakers). Student Centers staff has the right to tell you to turn the sound down or off completely if deemed to be disruptive. (See Policy 1128 for more information.)
Due to fire regulations, helium balloons are prohibited in the Johnson Center.