Equipment Rentals


Event Equipment Rental

Are you holding an event and need to rent some furniture and/or equipment to make your event a success? Please see below a list of the equipment available for rental on the Fairfax campus! To rent any of this equipment, please submit a booking form.

Technical Equipment

Item Type Items Available
Audio – Mixers Allen & Heath Qu-24, Allen & Heath Qu-16, Mackie 1402, Shure SH-810 Auto Mixer
Audio – Speakers Meyer CQ1, Meyer UPA, Meyer Jr, JBL 15″ Loudspeaker, JBL Eon
Audio – Subwoofers Meyer 700HP, Meyer 600HP, Meyer UMS-1P, Turbosound THL828
Audio – DI’s PCDI, PodDI, ISOTwin DI, J48 DI
Audio – Microphones Shure Beta 57, Beta 58, Beta 87A, KSM 109, SM57, SM58, SM81, PG58, Sennheiser e604, AKG D112, Crown PCC160, Shure SLX, Shure UHF-R, Shure ULX-D
Audio Playback/Recording TASCAM CD Player, iPad, Press-Box, Marantz Recorder, Denon Recorder
Lighting – Consoles ETC Express 250, ETC Smartfade ML, ETC Smartfade
Lighting – Fixtures ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal (26, 36, Zoom), ETC Source Four PAR, Altman PAR (38, 64), Fresnel, Elation ELAR Tri Brick, Elation Opti Tri PAR, Chauvet Freedom PAR Hex 4
Lighting – Effect Lighting Martin SmartMac 250, Martin Galaxian, Martin Mania EFX700, Martin Magnum & Jem K1 Hazers, Elation Opti 30-UV
Power Distribution Panels: 30 amp, 50 amp, 100 amp
Video – Playback Blu-Ray Player, DVD Player, MacBook Laptop, DELL Laptop, Playstation 3 Console, XBox 360 Console, Nintendo Wii
Video – Projectors Epson EB-Z10000, Sanyo PLC-200XL, Christie LX400, Sharp XG-PH50X
Video – Screens DaLite 12×9 Portable Screen, DaLite 7×7 Portable Screen, Pioneer 50″ Plasma TV, Samsung 46″ LCD TV, 17″ Confidence Monitor
Video – Switching Creston & Extron Switchers

Non-Technical Equipment

Item Type Items Available
Chair White-Padded, Plush, Stacking, High Bar Stools
Tables 3’x’6′ Rectangular, 5′ Round, 6′ Round, Cocktail (High and Low), Serpentine
Pipe & Drape 8′ Standard Black, 16′ Tall Black Velour
Podiums Black Metal, Lucite, Wood (Lecternette available)
Staging 6’x4′ Outdoor Staging, 8’x4′ Indoor Staging, Stairs, Skirting
Misc Coat Racks, Stanchions, USA & Virginia Flag Sets, Whiteboard Easels