General Guidelines for Space Use In and Around the Student Centers

  • Helium balloons are not allowed in the Johnson Center; however they are allowed in SUB I and Hub.
  • Tape and/or adhesive is not allowed on the floor in any event space.
  • Scotch tape, duct tape, thumbtacks, or any other strong adhesive is not allowed on any surface in the facilities.
  • Painter’s tape (blue) or masking tape is allowed on walls, dry erase boards, or easels.
  • No postings are allowed outside of the reserved event space, including the doors leading into the event space, without prior approval from Student Centers.
  • All materials must be cleaned up/removed completely when event ends. Any damage to the space or need for excess cleaning caused by the client will be billed directly to their organization.
  • No open flames are allowed in the facilities.
  • No decorations, banners, or other materials are permitted to be hung from the ceiling in event spaces.
  • No glitter is allowed in any event space – the use of glitter will result in an automatic cleaning fee.
  • Client is not permitted to alter the space in any way – i.e. removing or relocating plants, art, or installations that are fixtures in the space.
  • Client should not stand on furniture – including chairs and/or tables.
  • Event spaces must be left in same condition as they were found – if the room arrangement is altered in any way, the client must return the room to the original configuration at the conclusion of their event.
  • Groups must clean up and discard all catering residuals when using a caterer other than Sodexo.
  • The only animals allowed in the facilities are service dogs.
  • Smoking, e-cigarettes, vape pens, and illegal drugs are not allowed in the facilities.
  • Furniture should not be moved to positions that are considered a safety hazard (i.e. blocking a fire exit).
  • Furniture or plants in public areas should not be moved to any meeting rooms or multifunctional spaces.
  • Groups should not drag furniture across the floor. Either lift it or ask for assistance from Student Centers Staff.
  • Event and building patrons must follow all fire safety guidelines as outlined in the Campus Fire Safety Plan – failure to do so could result in fines or an event cancelation.

Setup Arrangements and Event Support

  • All setup information should go through Events Management – Registered Student Organizations should contact Heather Crandall (, Faculty, Staff, and Campus Departments should contact Samantha Price (, and External Clients should contact Matthew Frank (
  • Groups should be reminded that when scheduling catering, they must determine with the caterer how many tables will be needed for service and then communicate this as a part of their room setup to Events Management. Events scheduled outside that a client wishes to hold even during rain or bad weather are strongly encouraged to schedule a rain-site location at time of initial reservation.
  • If minor adjustments are needed the day of the event, clients should contact the Services Concierge staff at (703) 993-8919 for immediate assistance.
  • Services Concierge staff are on duty whenever Student Center buildings are open. On evenings and on weekends (in the absence of professional staff), the Services Concierge staff is responsible for on-site event support and building management. Any event changes must be approved by the Services Concierge staff – they are responsible for enforcing published Student Center policies and guidelines. Clients can contact the Services Concierge staff at (703) 993-8919.

Scheduling and Approvals

  • Early openings in the Johnson Center may not be scheduled before 6:30am without prior approval.
  • Early openings in the Hub and SUB I may not be scheduled before 7:30am without prior approval.
  • Access time to the Bistro for weekday events may be scheduled starting at 5:00pm on Monday – Friday.
  • Meeting rooms may be scheduled until 11:00pm without prior approval.
  • The Hub Ballroom, Johnson Center Dewberry Hall, and JC Bistro, may be scheduled until 1am on Friday and Saturday without prior approval during Fall and Spring academic semesters. During other periods, special approval may be necessary.
  • Special approval is required for use of the JC Atrium, JC Lounges, and SUBI Patriots Lounge. However, all requests must be initiated with Events Management.
  • Special approval is required for use of the JC North, South and East Plazas, Southside Plaza, and SUBI Quad. However, all requests must be initiated with Events Management.
  • Dewberry Hall Lobby may be reserved as part of an event in Dewberry Hall, Dewberry Hall South and/or the Johnson Center Cinema.
  • Pre-function Hallway may be reserved as part of an event in Dewberry Hall or Dewberry Hall North. Early openings and late closing requests must be made a minimum of 20 days prior to the event date to insure proper coordination.
  • Where time and space related approvals are needed, Events Management will coordinate all requests.
For policies and procedures associated with cancellations, no shows, setup charges, and event fees, click to Event Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines.

NOTE: An event is considered a “no show” if event staff visits the space 3+ times during the event reservation time and finds no one in the space. If you only plan on using your reserved location for a small portion of the scheduled time, be sure to update your reservation to reflect the shortened time and notify event staff that you are present for your event.

Setup Changes and Event Fees

  • If a client requires a major setup change (a different setup from what was confirmed in 25live) after the room is already set up, the client will incur a setup change fee of $100 for each large meeting space and $50 for each small meeting space. Changes will only be made if time and resources allow. Student Centers reserves the right to deny a set up change requested less than 24 hours prior to the event – most events are set up one day in advance of your reservation time.
  • Any damages to the space or excessive cleaning/rearrangement required post-event will cause a client to incur a damage and/or cleanup fee comparable to the damage done. Clients are reminded to leave the space as they found it. This also applies to clients that rearrange the existing furniture in a space and do not return it to the original configuration – this could result in the client being charged a fee similar to that of a major setup change.
  • Clients will also be charged a major setup charge fee if they remove furniture or resources from spaces that they have not reserved for use at their own event/location.  Only Student Centers staff should move, arrange, setup or strike event furniture and equipment.
Revised March 17, 2015

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