Easel Reservation Tutorial

This easel on the ground floor of the JC advertises an event for Corner Pocket!

The following tutorial will walk you through the process for requesting easel reservations through 25Live. If this is your first time reserving an easel, we recommend reading the whole tutorial, but if you’re familiar with the process and just need a refresher on some of the steps feel free to use the links below to jump to the step you need.

You will need an active 25Live account in order to submit a request. For questions about 25Live access, contact the Office of University Events at (703)-993-2853 or

If you need additional assistance, call the Student Centers office at (703)-993-2921 or email us at

You can click each image to zoom in, then click CLOSE on the pop up window or click outside of the pop up window to return to the page.

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Step 1. Choose Your Time and Location

  • Log into 25Live and view all available easels by opening the Locations and Search for Locations tabs and typing “easel” into the search bar. Make sure you are in the Availability view.

  • If you are only interested in easels in the Johnson Center, you can also view the locations by opening the Locations and Pre-Defined Location Searches tabs and selecting ‘JC Easels’ from the Public Searches menu.

    If you would like an easel in the Johnson Center but don’t have preference for a specific location, you can select one of the JC Easels numbered 7 through 13 (with ‘NO LOCATION’ in the title) and we will assign one for you at random.

  • The search will show today’s date by default. To change the date, click the arrows on either side of the selected date, or double-click the date shown to select from a calendar.

  • Scheduled events are shown in green, and white space means that the location is available at that time. Once an available time has been found, double-click on that time slot in the grid to open the Event Wizard.

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Step 2. Event Wizard – Basic Information

  • In the first section of the Event Wizard, enter the name of the organization you are reserving the easel for as the Event Name and Event Title.

  • Be sure to select the correct Event Type based on the organization you’re representing (Faculty/Staff Organized for Departments/Offices, Student Organized for Registered Student Organizations). If this is incorrect when you submit your request we won’t be able to correct it for you and you will have to resubmit.

  • Click on the Next button at the bottom of the page. You will need to enter a number greater than zero for the Expected Head Count.
  • In the Event Description, tell us what you will be using the easel for (e.g. promoting an upcoming event or program).

  • Click the Next button again. You will be asked if this is a repeating event. Click No (even if you are going to be using the easel for multiple days in a row).

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Step 3. Event Wizard – Time and Date

  • On the next screen you will be asked to provide the Date and Time of your reservation. It will pre-populate these fields based on the time slot you selected in the Availability menu, but you can edit by clicking on the date/time shown.
  • An easel reservation can last for up to 14 consecutive days.
  • Edit the start and end times by clicking on the times shown.

  • For a reservation lasting longer than one day:

    A. Uncheck the box next to “The event begins and ends on the same day.”

    B. This will allow you to change the Event End date. This may be up to 14 days after the Event Start date.

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Step 4. Event Wizard – Locations

  • Click Next. You should now be in the Event Locations section. The location you selected in the Availability menu will automatically populate on the right side of the screen under Selected Locations, but you can use the search options to select a different location if desired.

  • You can reserve up to six easels at once. To add more easels to your reservation, click on Search by Location Name and type ‘easel’ into the search bar. Locations with a symbol next to them are available for the duration of your reservation, and locations with a symbol are unavailable.

  • Click on Location name to add it to your Selected Locations. When you have all the locations you need, click Next.

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Step 5. Event Wizard – Final Steps

  • You will not add any Event Resources. (If any are required, Student Centers staff will add when processing your request.) Click Next.
  • In the Event Attributes section, you will need to enter your Organization code/number. You can leave the other fields blank.
  • Click Next. Your name will automatically be shown as the Requestor and Scheduler in the Contacts section- do not edit this section. If you would like to list an additional contact for the reservation, you will have a chance to do that before submitting the reservation.
  • Click Next. You will not add any Categories. Click Next again.
  • Use the Event Comments to let us know of any other relevant information or if you have any additional needs.

  • If you are providing your own easel or free-standing advertising materials for this reservation, it is required that you let us know in the Event Comments.

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Step 6. Event Wizard – Submit Request

  • Click Next. Select Tentative as your Event State, then click Save to submit. DO NOT SELECT CONFIRMED. We will change your event state to confirmed once we have reviewed your request.

  • Once you’ve submitted the request, it’s a good idea to save the ID number in case you need to contact Student Centers about the request. It will be displayed on the left side of the page.

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Once you’ve submitted your request, you will usually receive a response from Student Centers in 1-2 business days. Your reservation is not final until you have received a confirmation email from Student Centers. You may not use the space without this confirmation.

Once the request has been processed, you will no longer be able to make changes to it in 25Live. If you need to cancel or edit your reservation, contact Student Centers by phone (703-993-2921) or email ( and include the name of the organization you reserved the kiosk for in your message. DO NOT attempt to edit or cancel a request in 25Live after it has been submitted.

Extra Tip:
If at any time you need to revisit a previous section of the Event Wizard, click on the Back button at the bottom of the page or select the section from the progress bar on the left. Do not use your browser’s back button– this will take you back to the search menu and you could lose all progress on your request!

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