Corner Pocket Reservation Policies

Reservation Deposit

External users or Mason Affiliates booking the Corner Pocket for an event are required to pay a non-refundable deposit. A reservation deposit in the amount 25% of the total rental invoice due ten business days prior to the start of your event. On the day of your event, the final amount on your invoice is due prior to the start of your event. If no deposit is received within the ten days prior to the start of your event, the reservation is no longer valid and will be canceled. Although the deposit is non-refundable, the deposit may be transferred to a future reservation if the event is cancelled or rescheduled at least five business days before the original event start date.

Early Opening & Late Closing Fees

All early openings and late closings require special approval. For Mason organizations, setup/cleanup time is factored into total reservation time, however there are no additional early-opening or late-closing fees. (See below) There are special fees for opening and closing the facilities beyond regular hours of operation for Non-Mason organizations. These Non-Mason organizations will be charged $150 for the 1st hour and $30 for each additional half hour or increment thereof for any scheduled early opening and late closing.

* If an organization made a reservation for three hours, but the requester would like to set up for the event an hour early, then the cost will be upgraded to a four-hour reservation.

Cancellation and “No Show” Procedure

  • External users and Mason affiliates who cancel reservations in the Corner Pocket, Side Pocket, or Patio at least five business days in advance of the event start time may transfer the non-refundable deposit to a new reservation. External users and Mason affiliates who cancel a reservation less than five business days in advance will lose their deposit and will not be able to transfer it to a different reservation.
  • Events reserved by internal organizations in the Corner Pocket, Side Pocket, or Patio must be cancelled at least one business day in advance of the event start time in order to avoid a fee. Events cancelled with less than one business days’ notice will incur a late cancellation fee of $75.
  • If the group is a “no show*,” a fee of $100 for Corner Pocket space and $30 for Side Pocket/Patio space will be assessed.
  • Events clearly labeled as “Rain Location” in 25Live will not be charged any fees if the client ends up not needing the rain location site. This will not be considered a “no show.”
  • If you reserve several spaces for your event and do not use any one of your assigned spaces, you will be charged a “no show” fee for each space not utilized during your event. Be sure to release any spaces you will not need at least one business day in advance of your event start time in order to avoid a fee.

For Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

  • RSOs will receive email notification of a cancellation or “no show” infraction within three business days of the offense. Once notification has been sent, RSOs have three business days to remit payment for the fine (see below for payment instructions). If payment is not received within three business days of the email notification, the RSO in question will not be able to make any new reservations until payment has been received.
  • Payment can be made in the Corner Pocket (Hub mid-level) or the Student Centers administrative office (Johnson Center room 324).


NOTE: An event is considered a no show if event staff visits the space 3+ times during the event reservation time and finds no one in the space. If you only plan on using your reserved location for a small portion of the scheduled time, be sure to update your reservation to reflect the shortened time and notify event staff that you are present for your event.


Reserving the Side Pocket for Mason Departments and Student Organizations

  • Requesting to use the Side Pocket space as-is will be free of charge. If your event requires a special setup accommodation, please note there is a non-negotiable $30 staffing charge. This will provide staffing before and after your event to make special setup accommodations possible.
  • During your event in Side Pocket, a Corner Pocket Recreation Assistant will be staffed at our main desk to provide general support and assistance free of charge.
  • For safety and liability reasons and for care of our space, renters of the space will not be allowed to move furniture or gain access to our storage spaces. If you select the Side Pocket room to use as-is and you remove or alter the space in any way, an automatic fee will be billed to your account.

Damages and Cleaning Fee Notice

We are excited you have chosen Corner Pocket to host your event. As a Mason student organization, department, or visitor renting the Corner Pocket Game Room, Side Pocket, or Patio spaces, please know it is important to please help us keep our space clean and equipment working in proper order. Fees may be incurred to an organization/department for excessive cleaning or damage to the space and equipment. Before your event ends please communicate with a Recreation Assistant or Supervisor on duty to avoid receiving any additional penalty fees. Failure to leave the Corner Pocket Game Room, Side Pocket Lounge, or Patio areas in a clean and orderly manner will result in a cleaning fine up to $50. Damages will be assessed and billed appropriately based on market rates. READ MORE

Broken Equipment Fees
Billiards Cue $35
Billiards Cue Tip $5
Board/Card Game $10
Corn Hole Board $100
Corn Hole Sandbag $5
Game Controller $30
Table Tennis Paddle $15
Game Controller $30
Table Tennis Ball $0.25
Triangle Rack $10
Video Game Disc $30