Closing Down for the Long Winter’s Break

As You Leave for Winter Break…

…help The Mason Community reduce our energy use by completing these few simple tasks before heading off for your well-deserved break.

Pull The Plug

Photo of hand unplugging an appliance Please turn off and unplug anything that uses electricity around your workstation and in your office. “Phantom loads” add up fast and can account for almost 10 percent of energy use per year! Unplug things like:
  • Power strips
  • Computers/monitors/printers/fax and copy machines
  • Coffee makers, refrigerators, microwaves and space heaters
  • Task lighting (such as desk lamps)

Note on refrigerators: after unplugging make sure you leave the door open to prevent mold.  You should also put a towel down at the bottom of the refrigerator to catch any melting ice or residual water.

Turn Off…

  • What you cannot unplug
  • Main lights if you are the last one out the door

Remove Perishable, Living, and Food-Related Items

Coming back from vacation to a horrible smell from rotting leftovers is probably not the best way to start the new year.  Before your last day of this year in the office, take a few minutes to:
  • Empty the refrigerator
  • Toss all food items in your office and surrounding areas
  • Take plants home with you over the break (they would thank you if they could)

Close And Shut All…

  • Windows and blinds in your workspace
Closing the blinds can prevent 25-50 percent of heat loss!

Check In

  • If you have any questions about closing of the Student Centers buildings, write or call 703-993-2921.
  • Let your Student Centers team know if you see issues which should be addressed within your work space or around the public spaces of the Student Centers buildings.  The best way to report work orders is through our work order form found at
Taking the time to complete these few steps can be a tremendous help.  Thank you! Have a safe and happy holiday.