New Restaurants, Patio Coming To JC This Fall

In addition to the more than 30 restaurants already on campus, four new brands are opening in the Johnson Center in the next few months.

Blaze Pizza, Garbanzo, and Steak ‘n Shake will open and Star Ginger will reopen in the JC Atrium (first floor) in August. Chipotle will not open until after October.

The bricks are being laid on the new west side JC patio that will open for fall semester.

Other restaurants remain open in the JC, including Panera Bread (in the Atrium), and Starbucks, Red Hot & Blue and IndAroma on the ground floor.

Auntie Anne’s will reopen on the east side of the Atrium.

The layout will offer a wider aisle in front of the restaurants to accommodate access during crowded periods. Gone are the common cash registers. Each restaurant will operate as its own storefront.

The crew is putting final touches on the new large patio that runs the length of the west side of the JC. This will allow outdoor dining and relaxing, similar to the east side patio.

Foot-Washing Stations in Student Centers Restrooms

Students who use the foot-washing stations can comfortably sit down while washing their feet.

Did you know Student Centers has foot-washing stations available in Johnson Center restrooms?

The foot washing stations are located next to the restroom doors. Each station is accommodated with a faucet, foot bath, and seat for both comfort and easy accessibility.

The foot-washing stations are located before the restroom stalls for quick access.

These foot-washing stations were installed for students who traditionally wash up before prayer, but all students are welcome to use them.

You can find the foot-washing stations in the men’s and women’s restrooms on the east side of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors of the JC. The east side of the JC is the side facing Planetary Hall.

View our JC building maps for more information.

Patriot Packout Needs Your Help!

Finish the semester strong by supporting a good cause! Patriot Packout, a Mason project dedicated to reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills each year, is looking for non-perishable food items and clothing for donations. This year, donations will be given to the Mason Pop Up Pantry and the Goodwill of Greater Washington.

The next time you visit the grocery store, pick up a few extra cans of soup, or look inside your closet and pull out the clothes you no longer wear. Gather all these items up and donate to Patriot Packout! Collection bins are located in residence halls.

Patriot Packout is also looking for volunteers to help collect donated goods!

Donate and get $20 off your parking citation!

Parking Services is offering a special deal for any students who donate food or clothing. Students who bring their donations to the Parking Office in the Sandy Creek Shuttle Building can receive a $20 credit on a current parking citation or $20 toward an upgraded parking deck summer pass. Learn more about this offer!

Congratulations to Graduating Student Centers Employees!

Student Centers employs over 100 students every year for a wide variety of positions on both the Fairfax and SciTech campuses. Every year, our employees graduate from Mason and go on to do amazing things. We are so proud of the student employees who are graduating later this month. This year’s graduating employees have each brought their own unique skillset to their positions, and it was an honor to have them be part of the Student Centers team. Read More …

Tenant Tuesday: Gateway Library & the TextSelect Program!

One of the most useful resources at Mason is University Libraries! We have two libraries on the Fairfax campus: Fenwick Library, located across from SUB I, and the Gateway Library on the first floor of the JC. Since the Gateway Library is located in a Student Centers building, we’ve chosen it as our tenant for this week’s Tenant Tuesday!

Gateway Library At a Glance

  • Website:
  • Phone: 703-993-9060
  • Email: Students can contact the Gateway Library electronically via their Contact Us form
  • Location: 1st floor of the Johnson Center
  • What they do: Provide work/study ares for students, lend books, and provide research resources.
  • Interesting Fact: Students can reserve textbooks through the TextSelect Program for FREE!

Gateway Library’s TextSelect Program

Many students know the pain of high textbook prices. Did you know you can reserve textbooks for FREE from Mason Libraries through the TextSelect Program?

The TextSelect Program is a partnership with the Mason bookstore that allows the Libraries to buy most textbooks for 100, 200 and 300 level classes and put them on Reserve in the library. The TextSelect program began in Fall 2013 to help address the high costs of required textbooks. The Program matches the University’s goals for college affordability.

The Gateway Library’s collection contains textbooks for most required courses on the Fairfax Campus whose original prices exceed $50. The Library also offers textbooks whose original prices are under $50 if these books are already in the Libraries’ collection. Students can reserve textbooks for FREE for a period of 2 hours at a time from the Gateway Library, which is perfect for cracking down on homework in the library while saving money.

The TextSelect Program has had huge success. For the 2015 and 2016 academic year, textbooks were a vast majority of the books distributed from Gateway Libraries. In that academic year, 14,006 or 85% of the books distributed were textbooks and the remaining 2,436 or 15% were other books.

For more information about the TextSelect Program, visit or contact Gateway Library at 703-993-9060.