Leafleting is the act of distributing materials or information to passerby without the use of tables or props. You do not need to receive approval or submit a request in order to leaflet, but please review the information below to ensure you’re obeying proper University leafleting policies.

Mason organizations, individual faculty, staff, students, companies, recruiters, community organizations and all other individuals are permitted to leaflet in outdoor, public areas on campus that are open for the campus community and general public to engage in expressive activities (such as North Plaza). An organization or individual may NOT approach students and other visitors inside buildings to solicit or distribute materials or information.

No approval or reservation is needed to leaflet in outdoor, public areas on campus. If an organization wishes to advertise or distribute materials/information inside buildings, they must use an alternate, approved advertising process such as reserving a kiosk or hanging flyers, or use the button below to learn about other advertising options.

a woman holding a leaflet

General Leaflet Terms and Conditions

Leafleting can NOT interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Leafleting may NOT prevent or interrupt the core use of a space nor present a safety hazard to others. This includes disrupting activities connected to space reserved by another organization through university procedures.

Distributed materials should include the full name and contact information (e.g. phone number, email, and/or website) of the sponsoring organization or individual. This provides direct contact information for the sponsor of the leaflet so a patron can gain further information or engage in dialogue with a sponsor if desired.

Individuals are responsible for picking up leaflets dropped on grounds around leafleting areas. Failure to do so may preclude responsible individuals and/or organizations from future leafleting activities and charges for cleaning up leaflets may be assessed to Organizations and Users.

Products and services may not conflict or compete with the University’s exclusive contracts which include: Barnes and Noble, Sodexo Food Services, Coke Vending Company, Creda Vending Company.