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Table Tents

An example of a table tent internal organizations can place on tables with a reservation.

An example of a table tent internal organizations can place on tables with a reservation.

Placing table tents around the Student Centers spaces is a very visual and up-close way to promote your organization! Table tents allow students to learn about an organization or event as they sit at the tables to eat and socialize.

Reserve table tents by emailing Student Centers at with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your organization name
  • The dates you wish to reserve
  • The location(s) you wish to reserve

A table tent is defined as a self-standing promotional material, usually made from folded paper. Any advertising materials placed on tables, including flyers and postcards, are subject to the same reservation policies and procedures for table tents listed below.

Who Can Use Table Tents?

  • All Mason Departments and Registered Student Organizations may reserve table tent space at the Johnson Center or Student Union I after their table tents have been stamped for approval.
  • Due to the extremely limited spaces, external organizations, academic projects, and individuals are not able to reserve table tent spaces.

Locations and Quantities

Facility Location Allotted Quantities
Johnson Center Food Court in 1st floor Atrium 80
Johnson Center Food Court, side seating. 55
Johnson Center Bistro 35
SUB I Patriot’s, east and west lounges on 2nd floor 20
SUB I Food Court on 1st floor 30

Table Tent Terms and Conditions

  • The following terms and conditions apply to table tents and all other advertising materials placed on tables, such as flyers and postcards.
  • Internal Organizations should submit a reservation request (by emailing – see above) at least three business days before the desired reservation date. Reservations are based on availability of unreserved space, and availability is not guaranteed.
  • Table tents may not exceed a surface area greater than 5″ x 7″.
  • All table tents require a visible stamp prior to being placed on tables. Any table tents found without stamps will be removed and discarded by Student Centers staff. Internal Organizations must report to the Student Centers administrative office in the Johnson Center, room 324, for their table tents to be stamped.
  • Table tents are often removed or displaced within the first 24 hours of being placed by students or building staff (in the process of cleaning and/or moving tables and furniture), and the sponsoring organization will likely need to replace their table tents before the reserved time period is up. Student Centers is not held responsible for damaged, lost or stolen table tents while posted. Student Centers is also not responsible for keeping the table tents on the reserved spaces.
  • The organization wishing to reserve table tent space must print and distribute their table tents on their own. Student Centers staff cannot print and/or distribute table tents behalf of an individual or organization. Any costs incurred from printing copies of table tents is solely the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.
  • All table tents are subject to authorization by the Director of Student Centers or his/her designated representative.
  • The name and contact information (website, phone number) of the sponsoring Internal Organization must appear on each table tent.
  • All table tents whose reservation dates have passed will be removed by Student Centers staff. Student Centers is not responsible for table tents not retrieved by the reserving Internal Organization prior to the scheduled removal time.
  • Student Centers will remove table tents posted in unapproved locations (entry door windows, painted walls, columns, stair rails, floors, etc.) or without an approval stamp in and around the Johnson Center, Student Union 1, The Hub or Southside.
  • Content on table tents and other advertising materials placed on tables cannot include alcohol prices, promotion of drinking, pornography, discrimination, or potential dangers.
  • Organizations wishing to place table tents in the Southside dining hall should contact Mason Dining at (703) 993-3313.