What Makes a Successful Kiosk?

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Alpha Kappa Alpha: Good branding and smiling faces are effective ways to communicate.

Kiosks are a popular way for organizations to promote themselves to the Mason Community. There are many kiosks vying for attention around campus, especially in the Johnson Center Atrium. It can be easy for your kiosk to get lost in the crowd.

So what can you do to make your kiosk stand out?

Add Color
A colorful display will go a long way in catching the attention of passersby. Consider adding a bright table cloth that has your organization’s logo or name on it. Let everyone know your brand right off the bat.

In addition, have colorful flyers handy for those who stop by. Preferably, provide them with online links to join your organization or places where they can get further information about your organization or event.

Keep It Simple and Uncluttered

Image of the Invisible Children kiosk

Simplicity and color make this kiosk very inviting

Be careful to prevent your kiosk from being too cluttered. If you want to attract people, a complicated or crowded display may be a distraction.

Free Is Always Good
Freebies go a long way toward attracting visitors. If your budget permits, offer incentives to draw them in, such as water bottles, t-shirts, pencils or other small items. Draw in more visitors by having a prize wheel that will offer them a prize simply for visiting your kiosk. Additional interest can be garnered by adding a prize wheel.

Remember that only commercially produced, pre-packaged, individually wrapped, single serving size food and/or drinks may be sold or distributed at kiosks and tables. No home baked goods. Beverages provided in bulk serving containers (i.e., coffee) are allowed if they are procured from Sodexo Catering.

Staff With The Right People

Fourth, and most importantly, your on-site personnel should be friendly and outgoing; people who are passionate about their organization. Spend some time hand-picking those who will represent your group. Make sure they are willing and comfortable talking to curious visitors. Onlookers can easily spot which kiosks have passionate members – and will be drawn to these displays.