Kiosks for Academic Work

Two NCLC classes use kiosks to complete academic projects.

Two NCLC classes use kiosks to complete academic projects.

Do you have a project for a class that requires you to interact with other students, like having students fill out a survey? Consider using a kiosk to complete your project!

Individual students, with authorization from their professor, may use a kiosk for academic project work for free.

Please carefully read the policies below and then submit a reservation request and/or view other kiosk resources at the bottom of this page. If you have questions about these policies or the reservation process, please contact Student Centers at (703) 993-2921 or

Reservation Privileges

  • Individual George Mason University students may reserve Student Centers kiosks and tables for academic project work for a class the requestor is enrolled in during the current semester.
  • Students must submit documentation to prove the kiosk is being used to fulfill the requirements of a class project. As documentation, students may submit their syllabus which features a project description OR other documentation such as a set of instructions for the project, an email from their professor explaining the project, etc. Please call Student Centers at (703) 993-2921 if you have questions about what serves as acceptable documentation.
  • Student Centers must receive this documentation no later than 2 business days prior to your reservation. Student Centers will tentatively reserve and hold your space/time for a fundraising kiosk request until 2 business days before your reservation without documentation. This is NOT a complete reservation. Student Centers will send you a full reservation confirmation after receiving proper documentation. If documentation is not received in time, Student Centers will CANCEL your reservation.
  • Students may reserve a kiosk for a maximum of 3 hours per kiosk per day and no more than five consecutive days at a time, totaling 48 hours per semester.
  • Students using the kiosks for academic work may reserve multiple kiosks at once if they wish, but they can only reserve up to 3 hours per kiosk per day. The hours reserved for each individual kiosk will count against their semester allotment.

General Kiosk Terms and Conditions

  • The kiosk is in a public space. As a member of the Mason Community, any representatives at the kiosk or table will treat fellow students, staff, faculty, and visitors with respect.
  • All activity must be conducted behind the kiosk with a maximum of three chairs.
  • The individual who requested the kiosk must be present at all times. If no representative is present within 15 minutes of the start of the reservation, the kiosk will be available to any organization or department to reserve through the normal process.
  • Only commercially produced, pre-packaged, individually wrapped, single serving size food and/or drinks may be sold or distributed at kiosks and tables. No home baked or unwrapped goods can be distributed from the kiosk.
  • Beverages provided in bulk serving containers are allowed if they are procured from Sodexo Catering.
  • External organizations, student groups and Mason departments may giveaway free of charge food at a kiosk by following the University potluck policy and provide visible signage that states “This food is not provided by a George Mason University approved caterer. Consume at your own risk.”
  • If a donation or any exchange of funds occur, only commercially produced pre-packaged or individually wrapped single serving size food or drinks may be sold or distributed at kiosks and tables.
  • Only Approved Caterers are allowed to give away food at a kiosk with NO signage as long as the business is giving away the food, not another individual or non-approved catering provider.
  • Products and services sold or distributed from the kiosk may not conflict with the University’s exclusive contracts which include:
  • i. Banking Services – Financial institutions may only distribute brochures and promotional information. The distribution of any application or collection of any contact information is prohibited as it represents the initiation of opening an account on campus.
    ii. Bookstore Management Operations – No other entity may sell textbooks, course materials or supplies related to the academic curriculum or Mason branded apparel on campus. Student groups/clubs may setup temporary fundraising activities involving the sale of licensed Mason branded merchandise that includes both the Mason brand and the student group/club name.
    iii. Beverage – No competitive products to Coca-Cola may be sold, distributed, sampled, advertised, or promoted.
  • Nothing can be posted on walls or columns next to the kiosk.
  • No extra tables or objects may be set up next to or moved by the kiosk.
  • Only outlets directly adjacent to a kiosk may be used. No electrical cords may be run across walkways. No extension cords allowed. Power supply is only available at select kiosks.
  • No amplified sound or music is allowed at the kiosks at any time.
  • Due to fire regulations, helium balloons are prohibited in the Johnson Center.
  • Student Centers will begin accepting reservations for future semesters the month before the current semester ends, on the 15th of that month. The dates are as follows: July 15th- reservations for Fall, November 15th- reservations for Spring, April 15th- reservations for Summer. Reservation requests submitted before these dates will be denied and will need to be resubmitted on or after the designated date.

Kiosk Use

  • Due to the high volume of kiosks that are reserved, it is crucial that individuals who use the kiosks set up at the assigned kiosk for their entire scheduled reservation time. Arriving late or leaving early from the kiosk or not showing up for a kiosk reservation multiple times in a semester could result in a loss of kiosk privileges for the current and/or following semester. Please see below the cancellation and no-show policies for academic project work kiosks.
  • If you arrive for your kiosk reservation and find that another organization or individual is set up at your assigned kiosk, kindly call Student Centers at (703) 993-2921 or visit us in the Johnson Center room 324 to resolve the issue. Please do not set up at a different kiosk without speaking with us first.
  • If you need help locating your assigned kiosk (listed in your confirmation email), please contact us prior to your reservation and we will gladly assist you with finding the correct kiosk. You can also view maps on our Kiosk Locations page to help you find your kiosk ahead of time.
  • If you have a reservation issue, change, or question during your reservation, please do not contact the Information Desk. University Information is a separate entity from Student Centers and cannot assist with kiosk reservations. It is best to contact Student Centers directly at (703) 993-2921 to ensure accurate information is being shared and any necessary changes to your reservation can be made with the correct department.

Cancellation Policies for Academic Project Work

  • Cancelled at least one week (5 business days) prior to reservation date: The scheduled hours for the canceled date(s) are reimbursed to the individual’s record and do not count against the individual’s semester allotment.
  • Cancelled between one week (5 business days) and one business day prior to reservation time: Half of the scheduled reservation hours for the canceled date(s) are reimbursed to the individual’s record, and the other half still count against the individual’s semester allotment.
  • Cancelled less than one business day prior to reservation: No hours are reimbursed to the individual’s record, and the full amount of scheduled reservation hours for the canceled date(s) count against the individual’s semester allotment.
  • No-Shows: Double the amount of scheduled reservation hours for the no-show date count against the individual’s semester allotment. Multiple no-shows in a semester could lead to a loss of future kiosk and tabling privileges for the current and/or following semester.


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