Kiosks and Tables


The Filipino Culture Club uses the kiosk to attract new members, promote events, and have fun.

Kiosks are a great way for student organizations and external companies to be seen and heard on campus. Using kiosks allows organizations to interact face-to-face with the Mason Community and advertise their events and services.

Select your organization type using the buttons below to read our policies and submit your reservation.

If you have questions about kiosks, please see the Kiosk FAQ section below and/or contact the Student Centers office at (703) 993-2921 or


As of June 16, 2017, Mason departments AND student organizations will request kiosks directly through the 25Live reservation system, and will no longer use the reservation form provided on this site.

Students using the kiosks for academic work and external organizations should still use the reservation form provided on this site to submit their advertising requests.

Please select your organization type from the buttons below to review our kiosk policies and submit your request.

Please feel free to contact Student Centers at (703) 993-2921 or with any questions regarding the reservation process.

Kiosk Policies and Guidelines


I want to reserve a kiosk for…






Additional Kiosk Information

Kiosk Dimensions


The dimensions of our kiosks are 6 feet long, 3 feet high, and 3 feet wide.

Image of kiosk with measurements


Kiosk FAQs

How soon can I get a kiosk?

Student Centers recommends submitting your kiosk request ...

at least two business days before your first requested date to allow plenty of time for your request to be processed. If you want a longer period of reservation time and/or would like to reserve during a highly popular time of day (see below) we recommend submitting your request a week ahead of time if possible for a better probability that you can receive the dates and times that you want.


Can I pass out food like donuts or candy at the kiosk?

Only commercially-produced, pre-packaged, ...

food and/or drinks may be sold or distributed at kiosks and tables. No home baked goods can be distributed from the kiosk.

If you are selling individual serving sizes of commercially produced or store bought food, you MUST have a sign at your kiosk stating “This food is not provided by a George Mason University approved caterer. Consume at your own risk.” Those who do not have the appropriate signage posted will not be allowed to sell or distribute individual serving sizes


How can I know if the dates I want to reserve are available?

You can check the ...

most updated kiosk availability here. Please note this is subject to change as more kiosks are scheduled.


What are the most popular days/times to reserve a kiosk?

Typically, Monday - Thursday, 11am - 2pm ...

are the most popular days and times to reserve a kiosk. During this time period, students visit Student Centers buildings, largely the Johnson Center, to eat lunch and socialize, so setting up a kiosk during this time period will potentially bring more visitors to your kiosk. Please note that more organizations request kiosks during this time period, which decreases general kiosk availability during the week. Student Centers recommends submitting your kiosk request at least a week in advance if possible for a better probability of receiving the dates and times you wish to reserve.


How can I make sure people actually come up to my kiosk?

Check out our tips ...


Can I sell items at the kiosk?

Yes. Student organizations and departments ...

can sell items from the kiosk as long as the items sold do not violate the University’s non-competition contracts with some of our tenants like the bookstore and restaurants. Student organizations and departments can sell items to raise money for themselves or to collect money for a charity. If they plan to raise money for an external organization or charity, they must send proof of authorization from that external party to

External companies can sell their products at the kiosk if they do not violate the University’s non-competition contracts.


I’ve just submitted my reservation form. Now what?

The Student Centers student office team will ...

begin to process your request when it appears next in the queue. They will contact you with any questions or concerns and send you a confirmation email when your kiosk has been successfully scheduled. Please allow about 2 business days for your request to be processed. If you need to make any changes to your request or have any questions about your request, call the Student Centers office at (703) 993-2921 or email them at


What if I no longer need my kiosk? Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes. Contact Student Centers at (703) 993-2921 or ... as soon as you know you want to cancel your reservation. Certain penalties are enforced depending on how many days prior to your reservation that you cancel, so always cancel your kiosk as early as possible. Please use the buttons above to view all of our kiosk policies, including the cancellation and no-show penalties.