Easels & Free-Standing Advertising

This easel on the ground floor of the JC advertises an event for Corner Pocket!

Easels and free-standing advertising allow Mason organizations and departments to advertise their events or their organization as a whole within the Student Centers buildings. Organizations can decorate an easel how they want – either by placing a poster or flyer of their own or by drawing on the easel’s whiteboard surface, or they can even provide their own free-standing banner or other advertising materials!

Please take a moment to carefully read the policies below before submitting a reservation request.

If you have questions about easels and free-standing advertising, contact the Student Centers office at (703) 993-2921 or


As of June 16, 2017, Mason departments AND registered student organizations will request easels directly through the 25Live reservation system, and will no longer use the reservation form provided on this site. If you are reserving on behalf of a department or student organization, please review the following terms and conditions and click the button at the bottom of this page to log into 25Live to submit your request.

A 25Live tutorial is available at the bottom of this page to walk you through the process of submitting an easel request for your department or organization.

Please feel free to contact Student Centers at (703) 993-2921 or with any questions regarding the reservation process.


Reservation Privileges

  • All Mason Departments and Recognized Student Organizations may reserve easels and free-standing advertising in the Johnson Center, SUB I, or The Hub (see table below). Due to the extremely limited number of spaces, External Organizations and individuals are not able to reserve easels or free-standing advertising.
  • All recognized Student Organizations or Mason Departments may reserve up to six easels or free-standing advertising locations for no more than 14 consecutive days at a time.
  • White board easels are provided and set up by Student Centers staff. If you have a free-standing banner or other free-standing advertising materials you would like to use in place of the standard easel, you must still request the easel space. Please indicate in your reservation request that you are providing your own materials.
  • If you do wish to provide your own free-standing advertising materials, you are responsible for placing your own materials in the designated locations. (see table below) If you have trouble locating the appropriate space, please call Student Centers at (703) 993-2921 prior to your reservation.
  • Only ONE easel or free-standing advertising material can be placed in each designated location (see table below). A whiteboard easel and free-standing material cannot be reserved and placed in the same location at the same time.

Easel & Free-Standing Advertising Locations

Facility Easel Name Location
Johnson Center A Atrium NW entrance – between Bookstore and Apple FCU Bank
Johnson Center B Atrium NE entrance – between Bookstore and Panera
Johnson Center C Atrium West entrance – next to elevators
Johnson Center D Atrium East entrance – next to elevators
Johnson Center E Atrium south stairs (to ground floor)
Johnson Center F Ground floor – next to stairs
Student Union 1 A 2nd floor – Patriot’s Lounge
Student Union 1 B 1st floor – food court
The Hub C Lower level
The Hub A Middle level – near Student Involvement
The Hub B Upper level – next to stairs

General Easel & Free-Standing Advertising Terms and Conditions

  • Student Centers cannot be held responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen materials while posted on reserved whiteboard easels. Student Centers also cannot be held responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen free-standing advertising materials provided by the sponsoring organizations before, during, or after their reservation period.
  • Organizations should submit a completed Reservation Request to Student Centers at least 2 business days before the first desired reservation date.
  • Easels and free-standing advertising MUST be placed in the designated locations (see table above) and may not be moved.
  • Content on easel and free-standing advertising materials must comply with all Mason, Virginia and local policies and laws. Click here to review these policies.
  • Content on easels and free-standing advertising materials cannot include alcohol prices, promotion of drinking, pornography, discrimination, or potential dangers.
  • Easel space, if not occupied within 1 hour of the reservation start time by a whiteboard easel or free-standing advertising material, may be reserved by another Mason organization through the normal reservation process.
  • All free-standing advertising materials and contents of whiteboard easels (flyers, posters, etc) must be removed by the sponsoring organization no later than two hours after the reservation end time or they may be discarded. Student Centers cannot be held responsible for items not retrieved after a reservation ends.


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