Student Centers Advertising Policy Changes – What You Need to Know

Student Centers offers a wide variety of advertising services to the Mason Community, including kiosks, banners, easels, flyers, leafleting, and table tents. These services help student organizations, Mason departments, and external organizations promote themselves on campus and reach more students. To allow a wide variety of organizations to use our advertising services, and to ensure advertising is done in an appropriate, safe manner, Student Centers has a set of advertising policies that the Mason Community must follow when using our services.

Student Centers administration works hard to constantly review our policies and ensure they are allowing users to have the most rewarding advertising experience as possible while still reflecting University-wide policies and procedures.

Student Centers administration recently made a few significant changes to our advertising policies, which affect registered student organizations, Mason departments, and external organizations.

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The Patriot Activities council uses the kiosk to promote their organization.

Our kiosk services allow an organization or group to interact directly with students, faculty, and visitors at a kiosk or table space in the Student Centers buildings. Student Centers has made some important changes to kiosk policies.

Peak and Non-peak Reservation Hours for Student Organizations and Mason Departments
To ensure a wide variety of organizations have the opportunity to be represented at our kiosks, organizations have certain limits to how many kiosks they can reserve during a semester. Previously, the semester hour allotment was a flat limit, and was not affected by the time of day a kiosk was reserved, but Student Centers has now divided the semester allotment for student organizations and departments into peak-hour reservations and non-peak hour reservations. READ MORE

Peak hours are Monday – Friday, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Non-peak hours are Monday – Friday, before 10:00 am and after 4:00 pm, and any time of day on Saturday or Sunday. Each semester, registered student organizations and Mason departments may reserve kiosks for up to 48 total hours that take place during peak hours and up to 96 total hours that take place during non-peak hours.

Why this change? Kiosks are our most popular advertising method, and we want to ensure a wide variety of organizations have the opportunity to represent themselves at our kiosks. We noticed that most organizations were all reserving within the 10 am – 4 pm time slot and rarely used kiosks outside of this time period. And because this time period was in such high demand, less organizations were represented at the kiosks. We’ve added the 96-hour allotment for non-peak reservations so that organizations are encouraged to use our kiosks at different times without fear of using up their semester hour allotment (previously a flat 48 hours) too quickly. Student organizations and departments can also reach different crowds during non-peak hours, giving them even more exposure to an even more diverse audience.

Click here to view all student organization and department kiosk policies.

Individuals using the kiosk for academic work as well as external organizations do NOT have separate peak and non-peak reservation hours at this time and still have the semester allotment specified on their respective policy pages.

Increased Total Semester Allotment for Academic Work Kiosks
Students using the kiosks for academic projects can now reserve a kiosk for a maximum of 48 hours per semester, a great increase from the previous allotment of 15 hours. As stated above, academic project hours are currently not split into peak and non-peak hours, and any reservations for any time of day will count against the total of 48 hours. READ MORE

Why this change? If you have a class project that requires you to interact with students, like getting responses for a survey, setting up at a kiosk in one of the popular spaces on campus is a great way to get some attention and get your project done. We made this increase to encourage more students to use kiosks as an option for their projects.

Click here to view all policies for academic work kiosks.

New Payment Process for External Organizations
For-profit organizations, non-profit organizations, and SWaM vendors must pay a fee to use the kiosks, and must submit their payment by three business days prior to their first reserved kiosk date. External organizations can pay for a reservation in person using cash, check, or credit card. Previously, external organizations were able to submit their credit card payment remotely via fax, but now Student Centers accepts credit card payments over the phone. This option provides a secure and convenient method for external organizations to make payments on time without having to take an extra trip to campus.READ MORE

Microsoft came to campus to promote the newest laptops

Credit card payments can be made over the phone ahead of time after completing and returning the credit card phone authorization form (attached to the kiosk reservation confirmation email). Credit card, cash, or check payments can also be made in person in the office by the three business day deadline. Student Centers cannot accept any sensitive financial information via fax or email.

No payment will be accepted until after your reservation has been confirmed by Student Centers staff.

To view all kiosk policies for external organizations, click here.

New Rate for Reservations Past 5 pm for External Organizations
For-profit organizations, non-profit organizations, and SWaM vendors formerly paid a flat fee for up to 8 hours of reservation time in a single day. Now, all reservations for ANY type of external organization starting at 5:00 pm or later are subject to an hourly rate of $10.READ MORE

Reservations beginning before 5:00 pm and extending after 5:00 pm will not qualify for the $10/hour rate or be charged any additional fee, but users may have both types of reservations in the same day. For example, if a for-profit organization reserves one kiosk from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, this first reservation will cost $160 since the reservation begins BEFORE 5 pm. If they reserve a second kiosk and from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, this second reservation will cost $20 since it begins AFTER 5 pm, and the TOTAL reservation fee for the day will be $180.

To view all kiosk policies for external organizations, click here.

Tentative Reservations for Kiosks Requiring Documentation
For any kiosk reservations that need additional documentation (student organization fundraising, academic work, external organizations), Student Centers will TENTATIVELY schedule the requested reservation until all required documentation is received. READ MORE

While the deadline for documentation varies for different organization types, documentation is typically due 2 or 3 business days before the kiosk reservation. The tentative reservation is NOT a fully confirmed reservation.

Student Centers can hold the requested space and time until documentation is received, or until the deadline passes. After documentation is received, Student Centers will fully confirm the reservation and send a final, full confirmation email. If the deadline passes and Student Centers does not receive documentation, Student Centers will CANCEL the tentative reservation.

To view all kiosk policies, please click your organization type from the list below:

Easels & Free-Standing Advertising

Easels allow Mason organizations and departments to advertise their events or their organization as a whole within the Student Centers buildings. Organizations can decorate an easel how they want or even supply their own free-standing advertising materials. Student Centers has doubled the number of easels that can be reserved at once and extended the reservation time limit.READ MORE

The Housing Fair easel on the left is an example of alternate free-standing advertising not provided by Student Centers

Student Organizations and Departments Can Reserve More Easels
All recognized Student Organizations or Mason Departments may reserve up to six easels or free-standing advertising space at once for no more than 14 consecutive days at a time. There is no longer a maximum semester allotment for the amount of easels an organization or department can reserve.

Student Organizations and Departments Can Provide Their Own Free-Standing Advertising
Student Centers staff provide and set up white board easels. Any student organization or department that has a free-standing banner or other free-standing advertising materials like a stand-up banner they would like to use in place of the standard easel, they may do so, but must still request the easel space. They must indicate in the reservation request that they are providing their own materials.

Click here to view all easel policies.


Banners hang in the Student Centers buildings and allow students and other visitors in the buildings to learn about student organizations and Mason departments at a glance.

Change to Semester Banner Allotment
Student organizations and Mason departments may reserve up to 4 weeks of banner reservations per banner per semester. There is no longer a limit to the amount of banners an organization can hang at one time, but each individual banner can only hang for 4 weeks and cannot be hung again once that 4-week limit has been reached.

Click here to view all banner policies.


Flyers promote everything going on both on- and off-campus!

Hanging flyers on the flyering boards within Student Centers buildings is a great way to advertise your student organization, the textbooks you’re trying to sell, your need for a tutor – whatever you would like! To ensure everyone has the chance to hang their flyer, each flyer can only hang for a certain amount of time, and Student Centers has adjusted these allotted durations. READ MORE

Changes to Flyer Hanging Duration
Flyers with Mason-affiliated content (Mason-sponsored events, student organization meetings, class advertisements, etc) with a specific event date or deadline listed on the flyer can hang for up to a semester before this specific date, or until the end of the semester if there is no event date. Flyers with NON-Mason-affiliated content (housing advertisements, selling textbooks, non-Mason-sponsored events) with a specific event date or deadline listed on the flyer can hang for up to one month before this specific date, or for two weeks without an event date.

Click here to view all flyer policies.

Corner Pocket

New Reservation Rates
Corner Pocket is a great venue for your next event or gathering. Student Centers always tries to ensure students have the best reservation experience, and we always ensure our prices are affordable but best reflect the quality of an event space you are receiving. Student Centers has new rates for Corner Pocket reservations, which will go into effect July 1, 2017. READ MORE

Corner Pocket Hourly Rates
Mason Organizations/Departments Before 6 p.m. – $50
After 6 p.m. – $65
Mason Affiliates Before 6 p.m. – $100
After 6 p.m. – $130
External Organizations Before 6 p.m. – $200
After 6 p.m. – $260
Mason Organizations/Departments $30
Mason Affiliates $60
External Organizations $120

Departments Now Request Advertising Through 25Live

As of February 1, 2017, Mason departments will submit all advertising requests (kiosks, banners, and easels) directly through the 25Live reservation system, and will no longer use the reservation forms provided on this site.

Registered student organizations, individuals, and external organizations should still use the reservation forms provided on this site to submit their advertising requests until further notice.

Please contact Student Centers at (703) 993-2921 or with any questions regarding the policy changes. You can also stop by our office, Suite 324 in the Johnson Center, Mon – Fri 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

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