About Student Centers

Student Centers Mission Statement

Through our services and dedication to the Mason Spirit, Student Centers builds, develops, and enriches environments for the Mason Community.

Who is Student Centers?

We are a team of undergraduate and graduate students, part-time and full time staff dedicated to building, developing and enriching environments. These environments include:
  1. The organization and condition of Student Centers facilities and equipment.
  2. The team of staff selected, trained and organized to provide services.
  3. The university policies and department procedures designed to execute services.
  4. The information the Mason Community understands about our services.

Why Does Student Centers Build, Develop and Enrich Environments?

Student Centers’s motivation is the Mason Community which includes students, staff, faculty, departments, recognized student organizations, vendors, alumni, parents, business partners, administration, local residents, and visitors of George Mason University.

How Does Student Centers Build, Develop, and Enrich Environments for the Mason Community?

Student Centers accomplishes its mission through our services and dedication to the Mason Spirit.

We define the Mason Spirit as the sense that you belong at Mason, that you have become a part of the Mason Community.  It is the desire to be a part of a university for the world.  The Mason Spirit is pride in wearing green and gold, the belief that we are a part of something different, something bigger than ourselves, and that we are building something exciting.

What Services Does Student Centers Provide?

Student Centers is a team dedicated to providing the following services to the Mason Community:

  • Creating environments that promote learning and community building by being innovative, diverse, entrepreneurial, and accessible.
  • Selecting, training, and developing effective staff prepared to serve the Mason Community.
  • Providing safe, accessible, equipment supported facilities that are welcoming and meet the needs of the Mason Community.
  • Providing consistent, high quality support for events which include room setup and technology use.
  • Coordinating opportunities and spaces to effectively communicate about events, services, information, and opportunities to the Mason community.
  • Communicating effectively to the Mason community what is happening with Student Centers spaces and services.
  • Providing exemplary customer service for all operations.