Thursday Sports and Open Mic Night at the Corner Pocket

This semester, Student Centers is celebrating the penultimate end of week, with a special Thursday night promotion in the Corner Pocket. Besides billiards, table tennis, hoops, air hockey, board games, and more, there’s sandwiches, chicken wings, and snacks with the purchase of a beverage or game play.

Thursday Night Football is one our big screens, too. The Bears take on the Packers tonight. Kickoff is at 8:25. Come root for your team!

And, this semester, from 7 to 9pm, we are featuring a cash bar for those students and staff over 21 years of age (thanks Wing Zone for sponsoring this). All those drinking alcohol must provide proof of age and drinks are restricted to the Corner Pocket game room.

This is a great place to meet up with friends and ease into the weekend.

The Corner Pocket, located in The Hub, is open from 11 to 11 seven days a week.

For more about Corner Pocket events, click here.

Johnson Center Food Court and West Patio Construction Complete!

Have you visited the new restaurants on campus yet?

Earlier this year, the entire Johnson Center food court in the Atrium closed down in order to be renovated and bring new restaurants to the Johnson Center. Some students were sad to see some of their favorite places to eat close down, but others were excited for the increased variety and quality of dining options that would come with the renovation. Now, the renovation is complete and all restaurants are open!

Blaze Pizza, Garbanzo, and Steak ‘n Shake are new to campus, and Star Ginger
has reopened after renovation. Red Hot & Blue and IndAroma moved downstairs to the ground floor and are now also open. Chipotle is estimated to open in the Atrium during the Spring semester.

Meet some friends for lunch on the new patio and soak up the gorgeous weather!

In addition to the change in restaurants, a patio was built on the west side of the Johnson Center for extra seating. The patio construction is complete, and plenty of seating is available for students to enjoy lunch.

There’s almost always a construction project going on at Mason. To keep up, visit

Take the Skyfactor Survey!

Skyfactor, a college-focused research firm is partnering with George Mason University Student Centers to conduct a student survey to help the university aid, predict, and plan for overall student success. Skyfactor has invited about 3,500 students to participate.

All participants should already have received an email from Skyfactor asking for their participation. If you received an email from Skyfactor, congratulations! You’re eligible to take the survey!

All invited students who take the survey can receive a free one-month Corner Pocket membership as a reward. They will also be entered into a drawing to win Mason swag.

If you’ve received your email from Skyfactor, follow the instructions to take your survey! The survey is open now through October 10, so don’t forget to complete it!

If you have any questions about the Survey, please call the Student Centers administrative office at (703) 993-2921!

Five Reasons to Use Our Water Bottle Filling Stations

Stay hydrated and green this season with our water bottle filling stations! Here are five reasons to take advantage of these awesome filling stations:

Stop by our water-bottle filling stations for a quick refill before class!

1. You Can Save the Environment…
Using a refillable water bottle is better for the environment, as many disposable water bottles simply get thrown out. For instance: In 2012, only nine percent of the total plastic waste generated was recycled according to the EPA. If you already purchased a disposable water bottle, don’t worry! You can still fill it up at the station. Just remember to recycle it at one of our Student Centers recycling stations as it takes a disposable bottle 1,000 years to biodegrade in a landfill.

2. …And Money (Lots of It)
Refilling a water bottle is much cheaper than constantly buying bottled water. If you were to replace 200 bottles of water a year with free refillable water, it would amount to an annual savings of $300!

3. Convenient Locations
Don’t worry about being caught without water when you need it. We’ve got multiple water filling stations and other water fountains in the Johnson Center, SUB I and The Hub. In addition, there are many filling stations located around campus, including in the Aquatic Center and the RAC!

There are plenty of stations around campus so you can fill up wherever you are!

4. Clean Water, Healthy Body
All the water from the filling stations is throughly filtered to purify it before consumption – making for a safe and tasty drink of water!

5. Look Stylish While Saving the Planet
There are many companies that make stylish and durable water bottles, such as Klean Kanteen, Camelbak, and Nalgene. Just make sure yours is free of BPA (Bisphenol-A), a chemical linked to health concerns in animals and humans.