Meeting Room A/V Podiums: A How-To Guide

Do you have an event coming up in a Johnson Center meeting room? If you’re adding audio/visual elements to your presentation, below is a quick guide to working the A/V controls found on your room’s podium.

Please note that A/V podiums aren’t standard in all meeting spaces- please check your event reservation for details on what comes with your space.

How to Connect Your External Device:

  1. Make sure both podium equipment as well as your external device are TURNED OFF before you start connecting your equipment.
  2. Plug in the appropriate connection cable (HDMI, VGA, AUX, USB, etc.) located under the Control Panel Hub (the flat black panel at the upper right hand corner of the Podium) to your external device. If you need a corresponding cable to connect the connection cable to your device, call Services Concierge at (703) 993-8919.
  3. Turn on the Podium by pressing the control panel button that corresponds with the connection cable plugged into your external device (e.g. press the VGA button if the VGA cable is connected to your external device).
  4. Power on your external device and your information should appear on the Podium PC as well as the Presentation Screen.
  5. The Presentation Screen can be lowered with the white control switch located on the wall directly behind the podium.

How to Use the Podium PC (No External Device)

  1. To turn on the Podium Control Panel press the “PODIUM PC” button NOT the “Power” button.
  2. This will start up the PC on the Podium as well as turn on the projector; to lower the Presentation Screen use the white control panel located directly behind the Podium on the wall.
  3. To connect USB Sticks, Mouse Controllers, Remotes, etc. use the USB connection cable located in the Control Panel Hub (the flat black panel at the upper right hand corner of the Podium).

For further assistance, please call the Services Concierge desk at (703) 993-8919.