Get Free Promotion with Mason Ads

Did you know that as a Mason organization (a Registered Student Organization or Mason department), you’re able to create and submit an advertisement to run on campus-wide Mason Ads screens for free?

Just visit the Mason Ads website, upload your advertisement and submit it for review. Ads can be static or feature animations, and can even be short videos – up to thirty seconds in length.

Your ad can be made with a variety of programs including PowerPoint, so you can use the program you’re most comfortable with to create your ad. Click here to see what file formats are supported by Mason Ads and what dimensions are necessary for your advertisement.

With dozens of screens in the Student Centers and all around campus, Mason Ads are the perfect way to increase visibility for your organization or event.

Visit to create your free advertisement!

Please see advertising guidelines for a complete list of rules and regulations regarding advertising content. Note that Mason Ads are only free to Mason organizations. Mason-affiliated groups may run advertisements for a fee. Groups not affiliated with Mason are not eligible to submit Mason Ads.