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HireMason Kiosk Days are days on which local businesses and Mason departments reserve the Johnson Center Atrium kiosks to promote their employment opportunities to the Mason Community. HireMason Kiosk Days give students a chance to interact with these potential employers and learn about employment opportunities.

Student Centers hosts HireMason Days twice a semester in cooperation with University Career Services. Students can log in to to upload resumes and cover letters, search for on- and off-campus jobs, get in contact with employers, and more.

Are you a student looking for a job? Click here to read more about how you can make the most of HireMason Kiosk Days. Are you an employer looking to hire students? Click here to learn about the process of signing up for a kiosk.

For a list of positions available, visit the Student Employment page.

Fall 2016 HireMason Kiosk Dates

Wednesday, October 12
11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Keep checking back here for our spring 2017 dates!

For Students

On HireMason kiosk days, you can interact with potential employers in the Johnson Center Atrium to learn about their job opportunities! Please see the information below to learn more.

Do I Need to Sign Up or Register?

No registration is required for students to attend this event. Simply stop by the Johnson Center first floor Atrium in the food court on the HireMason Kiosk Days and introduce yourself to employers!

In addition to visiting the kiosks, log in to HireMason, operated by University Career Services, to browse plenty of job opportunities both on- and off-campus. Please note that the jobs and employers listed in HireMason are not necessarily what will be present at the kiosks. A list of HireMason Kiosk participants is provided below.

What Do I Bring?

You only need to bring copies of your resume and a smile!

How Should I Dress?

It’s always a good idea to dress nicely when interacting with potential employers, but since the HireMason Kiosks will be set up in the Johnson Center Atrium during lunchtime with crowds of students and visitors relaxing and hanging out in the space, the event is very casual, and you will not be expected to wear what you would to a full job interview. However, when you pick your outfit that day, keep in mind that you do want to make a good impression.

Fall 2016 HireMason Kiosk Day Participants

Wednesday, October 12 participants:

For Employers

GMU Student Centers is inviting prospective employers to reserve our kiosks in the Johnson Center to promote their employment opportunities to GMU students. Would you like to be a part of this recruiting opportunity?

Employers set up at the kiosks in the Johnson Center Atrium on the first floor. Students can approach the kiosks to speak with you about your job opportunities and provide their resumes. The HireMason Kiosk Days are great exposure for employers looking to get the word out about their jobs and for students who are hunting down employment.

The fee to reserve a kiosk on a HireMason Kiosk day is $80 for both for- and non-profit external organizations. The flat $80 fee will allow you to reserve a kiosk for no more than 8 hours. Student Centers will advertise that 11:00 am – 2:00 pm is the time during which employers will be present at the kiosks, but you may request to use the kiosk for up to 8 hours.

Use of a kiosk on a HireMason Day for Mason departments is free for up to 4 hours of use.

Why Should I Participate?

  • One-on-one interaction with students. Setting up at kiosks allow you to interact directly with excited students who approach the kiosks, learn about their interests, and shake hands.
  • High visibility to students. Each HireMason Day takes place at the kiosks in the Johnson Center Atrium. The Johnson Center, full of food, lounge space, and resources, sees thousands of visitors every day. The kiosks are located in the Atrium’s food court, where many students and visitors gather to eat and socialize, primarily during the hours of 11:00 am – 2:00 pm. A larger crowd means more people to learn about your employment opportunities!

How Do I Participate?

If this sounds like a great opportunity to meet your next Mason employee, please follow the below process to secure your spot!

Apple FCU uses a kiosk on a HireMason Day to promote their job opportunities and hand out giveaways!

Apple FCU uses a kiosk on a HireMason Day to promote their job opportunities and hand out giveaways!

  1. Put a job posting up on HireMason. HireMason is a database where employers can promote their job opportunities and students can look for and apply to jobs. Student Centers requires that all HireMason Kiosk Day participants have a current job posting in the database. This provides verification that you are an employer and allows students to apply to your position online in addition to speaking with you at the kiosk. Contact Career Services at (703) 993-2370 for assistance with putting jobs on HireMason.
  2. Request a kiosk. All HireMason participants must officially request their kiosk space. Please visit our kiosks page to learn about the process of reserving a kiosk. Please use the buttons on the page to review our kiosk policies before submitting your request, or contact Student Centers at (703) 993-2921 or with any questions.
  3. Provide necessary documentation and payment to Student Centers. External organizations must provide a valid business license, tax form, or other documentation that establishes them as a legitimate business no later than three business days PRIOR to the kiosk reservation start date. HireMason Kiosk Day participants must also be able to provide proof that they have a job posting on HireMason.
    To submit payment, pay in person in the Student Centers administrative office (Johnson Center room 324) or via fax using a credit card authorization form (provided by Student Centers) no later than three business days PRIOR to your first reserved kiosk date.
  4. Receive your confirmation from Student Centers. Student Centers staff will send you an email confirmation with your kiosk information when your kiosk has been successfully scheduled. Be sure to keep this for your records.

For more information regarding all policies associated with kiosk reservations, such as parking, payment, and food policies, please see our kiosks page and select your respective organization type.

HireMason Days is a joint project of the offices of Student Centers and Career Services at George Mason University.