Student Centers Celebrates Student Employees

George Mason University celebrated National Student Employment Week April 10 – 14, and Student Centers joined their University Life colleagues in thanking all on-campus student employees. Student Centers employs 50+ students every year across Mason campuses to fill a wide variety of positions, from event technicians and services concierges to marketing assistants and Corner Pocket staff and everything in between.

Last week, the Event Services division of Student Centers on the SciTech campuses hosted a kiosk in Bull Run Hall with plenty of goodies to give student employees. Over 40 student employees approached the kiosk within the very first hour. Read More …

Student Centers Advertising Policy Changes – What You Need to Know

Student Centers offers a wide variety of advertising services to the Mason Community, including kiosks, banners, easels, flyers, leafleting, and table tents. These services help student organizations, Mason departments, and external organizations promote themselves on campus and reach more students. To allow a wide variety of organizations to use our advertising services, and to ensure advertising is done in an appropriate, safe manner, Student Centers has a set of advertising policies that the Mason Community must follow when using our services.

Student Centers administration works hard to constantly review our policies and ensure they are allowing users to have the most rewarding advertising experience as possible while still reflecting University-wide policies and procedures.

Student Centers administration recently made a few significant changes to our advertising policies, which affect registered student organizations, Mason departments, and external organizations. Read More …

Mailboxes Make Room For Package Lockers

A sign of the times is the rise of on-line shopping and delivery of merchandise to Mail Services, located in The Hub. But package pickup has produced long queues and long wait times, sometimes snaking up the stairs unto the next floor, because each package had to be handled by a mail room staffer at the pickup window.

This summer, that all changes. The more than 6,000 mailboxes will be removed and replaced with package pickup lockers.

Starting in the fall, regular postal mail will be picked up at the window and packages will be delivered to the lockers. Students will be notified of an arriving package, similarly to how the system works now. Except instead of waiting in line, students will receive a locker number and a one-time code that will open the locker so they can retrieve their packages.

“This [new system] will allow students to not be in line as much,” said Mark Kraner said, “especially at the beginning of the semester.”

For more information, go to Fourth Estate on-line.

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Graduation Fair in the Johnson Center Atrium!

Don't forget to pick up your gown so you can dress for success on graduation day!

Don’t forget to pick up your gown so you can dress for success on graduation day!

Are you graduating in May? Do you have everything you need to make your big day successful and memorable?

This week, stop by the Johnson Center for the spring 2017 graduation fair! You can visit the fair, located conveniently in front of the bookstore, to purchase many of the materials you need for graduation: cap and gown, diploma frames, rings, and even graduation invitations. The graduation fair is offered every semester for students graduating in December or May. This is a convenient and cheap opportunity to get your graduation materials early!

Come to the JC Atrium March 7 – 9, 11:00 am – 7:00 pm to explore the fair and pick up everything you need for your graduation day!

Learn more about spring 2017 graduation at

Congratulations to the class of 2017!