Lighting Up Your Business

By Keith L. Epps


Image of Keith Epps

Keith Epps, Student Centers Building Supervisor

At a work location, lighting accounts for 20 to 50 percent of electricity consumption.

Lighting is changing rapidly, with new efficient or improved technologies available every year. Whether you’re constructing a new building or upgrading existing lighting in locations, keep these two factors in mind:

Daylighting: Having well designed lighting, including natural day lighting, enhances visual comfort, reduces eye fatigue and improves performance, which can lead to higher productivity.

Aesthetics: Quality lighting makes spaces pleasant and inviting for employees and customers, opening the door to lower absenteeism and more business. Coupled with energy savings, these benefits can make today’s lighting technologies a profitable investment.

You can see how lighting impacts a work area at the Johnson Center information kiosks, where reflective lighting creates a more friendly atmosphere.

When you take advantage of the most recent and advanced energy-efficient lighting, lighting sources, fixtures and controls, you could save as much as 50 percent on lighting energy. Having a good design and energy-efficient lighting typically will pay for itself in energy savings within a couple of years.

Choosing energy-efficient lighting offers other benefits, including reducing the load lighting puts on air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and your overall electrical system. Explore all your options for lighting up your business.

Green Tip of the Month: Clean dust from under your refrigerator (even the small fridge in your residence hall room), base of vent and exposed coils in the back; don’t make your fridge work so hard!!!!

Tenant Highlight: The Women and Gender Studies Center

Women and Gender Studies Office Located in Johnson Center 240K, the Women and Gender Studies Center is the main office, lounge, and resource library of the Women and Gender Studies Program at George Mason University.

The Center is committed to educating the public about gender issues and to be an advocate for research and scholarship. They put on numerous programs during the Fall and Spring semesters, including film screenings, dialogues and open mics! Check out their website or Facebook page for updates about upcoming events.

Make sure to visit them in JC 240K to see all that Women and Genders Studies Center has to offer!


Save Time (and Your Back) by Renting a Locker!


Lockers are a great way to lighten the load of your book bag.

Locker Sales for Spring 2015 now open!

As classes get into full swing, a previously clean and empty backpack will (sadly) start to fill up. With homework assignments, massive textbooks, and personal items, your backpack can quickly go from being a convenient storage space to a sack of cement bricks with shoulder straps.

You can try putting some of your books and papers in your car or residence hall to lighten the load, but it’s a hassle to constantly walk back and fourth between your classes and the parking lot or residence hall. So what’s a time-crunched and overburdened student to do?

Answer: Rent a locker through Student Centers!

Lockers are a great solution for commuter students and resident students alike. Instead of lugging your belongings all the way back to your car or residence hall or carrying them on your back all day, you can store them in a secure and convenient location in the center of campus. Student Centers rents lockers in two central locations: the Johnson Center and Robinson Hall B.


Click here to view the Johnson Center locker locations.

The Johnson Center lockers are located on the ground and first floors while the Robinson Hall B lockers are located on the first floor. The approximate dimensions of our lockers are 13 x 35 x 11, so you always have enough space to accommodate your belongings.

Worried about money? The cost is only $30 for the entire Fall semester, so you can avoid breaking the bank and breaking your back simultaneously.

If you want to rent a locker, there are two easy ways to do so: in person and online.

To make your reservation in person,

Click here to view the Robinson Hall B locker locations!

Click here to view the Robinson Hall B locker locations.

please visit the Student Centers office in Johnson Center Suite 324. We are able to process locker rentals Monday through Friday from the hours of 8:30am to 4pm sharp. We accept check, cash, Mason Money, or credit card.

To make your reservation online, please visit our lockers page: