Tenant Highlight: African and African American Studies Research and Resource Center

Entrance to the Paul Robeson Room

Come on in!

The African and African American Studies Research and Resource Center personnel facilitate new ways for Mason students to learn about the African diaspora. Located in Room 240A of the JC, it is also known as the Paul Robeson Room.

The center assists students, faculty, staff and the community in finding resources and information.

Students often have to address issues related to African and African American Studies as part of their academic and community involvements. A list of research resources is located here.

Initiatives include the Lost and Found research, which encourages the documentation of the lives of “forgotten” people in the Northern Virginia area. More information about the Lost and Found can be located here.

The Paul Robeson calendar of events is available here: http://aaas.gmu.edu/robeson_schedule

Interesting fact: We are “Rich in tradition. Radical in spirit.”

Mika’il A. Petin curates the center.

Website: http://aaas.gmu.edu/robeson-room
Phone: (703) 993-4085
Email: mpetin@gmu.edu


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Loan Us a Banner, We’ll Promote Your Group

Student Centers needs your help!

Get More Out of Your JC Atrium Pole Banners

We are looking for more organizations to offer pole banners on loan to Student Centers. These banners will become part of a rotating schedule that fill any unreserved spaces in the Atrium or ground floor spaces.Banners 3-13 (4)

This means great publicity for you and a good looking JC for all of us. And, of course, there is no charge for Mason departments and recognized organizations to display their banners.

Banners Without Specific Dates and Events

The best loaner banners will promote your organization in general  so avoid advertising specific dates or events when designing your banner. Banners may advertise a service that an organization provides on an ongoing basis, such as: “Rent a Locker from Student Centers.”

Student Centers will keep your banner for the academic year. Don’t worry–if you need it at any time, we’ll be more than happy to return it.

It’s a win-win situation–your group’s brand gets out there, and the JC continues to look its best!

All banners must be made of vinyl and be 30 ft. wide by 60 ft. tall, as per regulation. The Mason Print Shop is a good source for banners ($185).

To reserve a banner space and loan your banner for the upcoming year, please complete the reservation form or stop by the Student Center Administrative Office in the JC Room 324 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.


Mason’s Event Services Equipment Rental Program

Image of workers loading chairs

Alec Mallman supervises student employees Claire Kramer and Will Krawczak as they load chairs for a just-finished conference.

The planning for Thursday’s campus meeting was going well, until you suddenly discovered you needed a riser and a setup for a five-person discussion panel.

Alec Mallmann, Event Services Manager, who oversees the Student Centers equipment rental program, says, “Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered.”

The rental program provides extra tables, chairs, pipe and drape backdrops, staging, props, and other equipment so that you don’t need to purchase or rent from an off-campus provider.

“From a single podium to multi-tiered staging, we can meet your needs, including decorative plants to ‘friendly up’ a stage,” Mallmann said.

The rental program student team will deliver any items you need when you need them, generally the day of the event. When you walk in, everything is ready. And when the last word is spoken, they take care of packing up.

“We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We want your meeting to go well and we put in the time up front to make sure that it does.

Image of Serpentine Table

Serpentine Tables Available

“We do custom set ups and our well trained student staff are very skilled in solving problems that come up,” he said.

“We’re expanding our inventory so that we can make your event pop,” said Mallmann, “For example, we just purchased several serpentine tables, which are very popular for small group discussions.”

Mallmann’s staff makes it a point to stop by your set up on the day of the event to make sure that everything is just as you expected.

“And, to accommodate any last minute changes that are needed,” he said.

To discuss your next event and handle routine matters, call 703-993-2854. For emergency and day-of-event issues, call 703-993-8919.

To check out what’s available, visit the Events Production website. To begin the booking process, make sure you click on the red button in the upper right hand corner of ep.gmu.edu.